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Cake Flavour Menu's

Here you’ll find our full menu of mouthwatering wedding cake flavours. All our syrups, buttercreams and sponges are handmade from scratch in the Gather & Feast kitchen.



Victoria Sponge - vanilla sponge, vanilla syrup,
Tiptree 'Sweet Tip' raspberry jam, vanilla bean buttercream

Lemon - lemon almond sponge, lemon zest syrup,
Tiptree lemon curd, lemon buttercream

Double Chocolate - dark chocolate sponge, milk chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate ganache

Carrot Cake - spiced carrot sponge, orange zest syrup,
vanilla cream cheese frosting, pistachio nuts

Espresso - coffee & brown sugar sponge,
espresso & coffee liquer syrup, coffee mascarpone frosting

Red Velvet - cocoa & buttermilk sponge, cream cheese frosting

Granny O'Donnell's Fruit Cake - just like our granny used to make
super dark, rich and boozy with
dried vine fruits, glace cherry, pineapple and walnuts



Spring & Summer

Lemon & Elderflower - lemon sponge, elderflower syrup,
elderflower buttercream & Tiptree lemon curd

Raspberry, Mascarpone & Lime - lime sponge, lime zest syrup,
fresh raspberries & creamy mascarpone frosting

Strawberry & Champagne - vanilla sponge, champagne syrup,
fresh strawberries & champagne buttercream

White Peach & Prosecco - vanilla sponge, prosecco poached white peaches, prosecco syrup, white peach buttercream

White Chocolate & Raspberry - vanilla sponge, vanilla bean syrup,
fresh raspberries, white chocolate ganache




Salted Caramel & Rum - brown sugar sponge, rum syrup,
salted caramel buttercream

Orange Blossom - orange almond sponge, orange blossom syrup,
orange blossom buttercream

Hummingbird Cake - banana & pineapple sponge, pineapple syrup,
lime zest cream cheese frosting, pecan brittle

Chocolate Hazelnut - chocolate fudge cake, Frangelico syrup, chopped hazelnuts  & fluffy Nutelle mousse frosting

Black Forest - dark chocolate sponge, kirsch syrup,
morello cherry compote and vanilla bean buttercream

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